Warrior Corner

Warrior Corner


 Safety & Game Rules For WhomBatz Play

To ensure safe use of your new WhomBatz toys, always adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Never strike an opponent in the face, head, or neck. It’s against the rules and hurts!
  • Never strike an opponent in the groin.
  • Never strike an opponent with the handle.
  • Never stab an opponent with a WhomBat. Though padded and rounded, it is not in the spirit of the game.
  • If the foam is damaged and core is exposed, immediately discontinue use.
  • Discourage rough play. Players should focus on light‐contact, not hitting opponents with full strength.
  • Always supervise children engaged in pretend swordplay with WhomBatz.
  • Be careful of fragile valuables, such as cell phones!


Gameplay: Rules and scenarios

Standard gameplay

In the most basic WhomBatz game, opponents play a series of fast‐paced rounds according to the following steps:

  1. Players or teams tap swords to signal the start of a duel or group battle.
  2. Players duel until someone is hit – Never in the head or the privates!
  3. Players lose whatever gets hit. If hit in the arm, a player must switch arms. Hit in the leg, jump on one leg. Hit in both legs, a player must walk on their knees. Hits in the hands and feet don’t count.
  4. A player is eliminated when 1) they lose both arms, or 2) they are hit in the body (above waist and below the shoulders).
  5. A player or team wins when all opponents are eliminated.

NOTE: Any player hitting too hard is eliminated.

Zombie Attack!

In this scenario, all WhomBatz are placed in a pile in the middle of the room. There should only be enough WhomBatz for roughly 50% of players.

Count down from 5 to signal the start of the game. At 0 everyone races to the pile to pick up WhomBatz – NO PLAYING TUG‐OF‐WAR! All players with WhomBatz are humans, all players without are zombies.

Zombies can only be eliminated by having both legs and both arms cut off. When a zombie is eliminated, they must count to 10 before “regenerating” and becoming a zombie again. If a zombie is eliminated twice, he or she stays eliminated until the end of the game.

Humans become zombies when a zombie grabs them with both hands. As soon as contact is made, the humans must release the WhomBatz. The game ends when only zombies or humans are left.

Capture the Flag (Or Can)

General Guidelines

Choose flags, two objects of similar size and shape. If it will be dark out during play try to find something bright and colored.

When everyone has gathered on the field choose boundaries, and make up any rules for hiding the flag (someone on the team must be able to reach it from the ground, it must be hidden on the team to which it belongs side).

Hide the flag. To make it fair, make sure you can see at least part of it somewhere fairly close by (don’t bury it). Also make sure you can grab it and run (don’t tie it to a branch, or, if indoors, don’t stuff it too far into a drawer).

When the flag is hidden go to the mid-line border and let the other team know you’re ready to start. If they are done tell them to come to the border for a summary of the rules. If you agree on the rules start the game, if not compromise.

Rules of Play for WhomBatz Capture the Flag

Otherwise the gameplay follows the same rules (Standard Gameplay) described above. If hit in the arm, lose the arm etc…

If a player loses 2 arms or 2 legs, or gets hit in the torso, they must return to the far end of their side, wait for 30 to 60 seconds, before they can return to the battle!

If the opposing team captures the flag, and successfully returns it to their side, they win the round!

Depending on the stamina of the WhomBateers, the game can be played to 5 or 10 scores, but don’t let us limit your creativity!

Other Scenarios

Re-enact a battle sequence from your favorite movie – with as many props as you can find.

There’s nothing like the power of imagination for transforming a sparsely furnished basement into a smelly cave surely guarded by lurking dragons just around the corner! Be creative, there’s NO wrong way to play!

Create your own and post the rules on our Facebook page! There is no limit to the fun that can be had with WhomBatz as long as players treat each other with respect.