About the Mascot

About the Mascot">About the Mascot

Meet the Mascot…

WhomBat-MascotThe WhomBatz mascot is… Kita the wombat! True to the nature of the WhomBat game, Kita is hearty and tough, but also soft and fun-loving. Wombats are Australian marsupials distantly related to kangaroos and koalas. For the most part, they are gentle herbivores, but don’t underestimate them! When they are threatened, they can run up to 25 mph or even crush the skull of an attacker against the wall of their borough.


How did a wombat become the WhomBatz mascot?

Our mascot, the unique wood-cut design of WhomBatz products, the product color scheme, and the “fighting styles” that the colors represent are all based on the novel The Way of the Wombat: The Quest for Gray Ironbark by AdriAnne Strickland. The book will be available in print or ebook on February 2nd, 2015. Follow this linkor click on the About the Book page to learn more about The Way of the Wombat and its fearsome wombat trio, Laz, Kita, and Zeeg, as they trek across the Australian outback.


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