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Ninja Tag – The Ultimate Game of Padded Swordplay!!

February 17, 2017

In 2017, we wanted to launch WhomBatz Foam Swords into hyper-speed. In addition to our nationally-acclaimed Batz, WhomBatz is introducing NINJA TAG SCOREKEEPING ARMOR! We have finally unlocked the secret to score-keeping in swordplay. We cannot tell you how excited we are for you to try this out for yourselves. Very user friendly, the new armor is extremely self-explanatory, and, like all our products, built to last.

For the sake of all dedicated sword fighters, we are working tirelessly to perfect the armor’s design. You can join the effort to bring NINJA TAG to life by pre-ordering on our Kickstarter page today!!

Keep an eye out on Facebook, our website, and Kickstarter for more news on NINJA TAG!!